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Miniature Circuit Breaker (pre-paid Mcb For Power Meter External Use

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Miniature Circuit Breaker (pre-paid Mcb For Power Meter External Use

This type of MCB is researched and developed under circumstance of easy management to electricity, to solve the problem  of hard electricity charging, especially large household numbers and large amount of electricity fee. 

The pre-paid MCB has all functions of YGK high voltage pre-paid controlling device, also has remote pre-paid function, the system of which consists of pre-paid controlled computer inside and user metering point front-end processor. The communicating method is GSM mobile phone short message. The pre-charged electricity fee by the user is calculated to electricity quantity, directly is stored  into the controller computer (background for short), and deliver to the front-end processer (terminal for short). The front-end processer automatically pass back the alarm signal to the background when the using electricity quantity reach to the setting value. The background computer sending the alarm signal by mobile phone short message to 5 different user mobile phone number seperately, to  cueing the falling down of electricity fee. When the value falls down to zero, the front-end process send signal to cut off the electricity by circuit off the high voltage switch. When the user makes the re-payment, the background send signal to re-transmitting. (Also can be operated to re-transmitting at background) 

The system makes anti-electricity theft alarm of opening the switchgear, voltage lose or current lose & current reverse.

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