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Westhome Intelligent Measurement Switch

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Westhome Intelligent Measurement Switch

Westhomes Electric Intelligent Measuring Breaker, typed WCM4E, responses the call of Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutralization from the national target, lower down the loss at gid network, supply necessary datas of reducing carbon emissions and power loss by improving line test.

The breaker’s application scope is at three-phase four-line, netural line solid grounded distribution network with AC 50Hz, rated current 250A (adjustable from 100A to 250A), rated insulation voltage 1000V, rated operation voltage 400V.

It has multi IOT (the internet of things) perceptive functions of HPLC communication, high precious AC sampling, power supply topology identification, measurement box management, power theft warning, power failure report, analysis and judgment of line loss, terminal temperature inspection, automatic default diagnosis, which makes inspection and monitor to the load terminal to reduce the operation and maintenance cose of the power grid, and to supply necessary date to the energy efficiency system in future.

It also has protective functions of overload long time delay, short circuit short time delay, short circuit instantaneous, under voltage and phase loss, to make protection to the line and power devices.



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