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What are miniature circuit breakers?

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What are miniature circuit breakers?

I What are miniature circuit breakers?

Miniature circuit breaker, also called micro circuit breaker, is suitable for lines of AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 2230/400V, rated current upto 63A, for overload and short circuit protection, also for infrequent switch over for the lines under normal condition.

Miniature circuit is mainly applied at places of industrial, commercial, high-rise building and civil residential houses. It meets standard IEC60898.

All fuses needed to be subsituted by miniature circuit breaker long ago, to make better safety and controll the circuit. The miniature circuit breaker, different from the fuse, as an automatic on & off switch, open the circuit when the current is too much, and close it once the circuit begins to normalise. It can re-close, but no need to make artificial replacement. In most of the circuits, miniature circuit breakers mainly take a role to subsitute the fuse switch.

The capacity range for the miniature circuit breaker is within 10kA to 16kA. The circuit breaker takes reliable protection at all industrial and commercial fields.

miniature circuit breakers

II Working principal of miniature circuit breaker

The miniature circuit breaker consists of contact system, arc system, operation mechanism, tripper and shell.

In short circuit, the magnetic field caused by big current (generally 10-12In) conquers the reverse force spring. Tripper pull the operation mechanism to trip instantaneously. The current will be bigger when the power overload, the calorific value increased to deform the bi-metal strip at certain degree to trigger mechanism to operate. (the bigger the current, the short of the operation time)

For electronic type, it uses instrument transformer to collect the current value and compare with the setting value. The microprocessor sends the signal when current abnormal, to make tripper operate the mechamism.

The function of circuit breaker is to cut off and connect the loading circuit, to cut the fault circuit to prevent accident from expanding, to ensure safe running.

Arc blow-out is the key problem to solve in circuit breaker. The principal of arc blow-out is mainly about cool down the arc to reduce the thermal dissociation. On the other hand, to strengthen recombination and pervation of charged particle through arc blow to elongate the arc, at the meanwhile, to blow off the charged particle at the arc gap, to restore insulation strength of the medium.

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