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c10 dc Miniature Circuit Breaker


A Miniature Circuit Breaker is an electromechanical device designed to protect an electric circuit from over-current - A term to describe an electrical fault caused by either overload or short circuit.

An MCB has three principle characteristics, Amperes, Kilo Amperes and Tripping Curve

Overload Current Rating - Amperes (A)
Overload occurs when too many appliances are put on one circuit and draw more electrical current than that circuit and cable are designed to take. This could occur in the kitchen, for example when the kettle, dishwasher, electric hob, microwave and blender are all in use simultaneously. The MCB on this circuit cuts power thus preventing overheating and fire in the cable and terminals.

Short Circuit Rating - Kilo Amperes (kA)
Short Circuit is the result of a fault somewhere in the electrical circuit or appliance and is potentially much more dangerous than overload as the scale and speed of over current is in a different order of magnitude. It occurs when there is a direct connection between the live and neutral conductors. Without the resistance provided by the normal circuit integrity, electrical current rushes around the circuit in a loop and multiplies the amperage  by many thousand times in just milliseconds.

tripping curves of MCB

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